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Patient Portal

There are a lot of questions regarding the patient portal and how it can help our patients. The patient portal is a tool that can help you communicate with our staff and cut out the hold time you might encounter on the phone. You can also view your medical records 24/7 this includes lab/imaging results. Moving or did you just get married? You can update your demographic information, all from the comfort of your home computer, or mobile device. These things might seem simple but they can save you hours of time in the long run.

Registering for the portal is easy! To get started navigate to the service tab on our website and select patient portal. Click the "Sign-up Today" link located under the sign-in boxes on the right hand side of the page. Fill in the required information and then click continue. You will be asked to verify your identity either via text message or email. Depending on the option you choose you will receive a special code to enter either on your cellphone or through email. Enter the code into the corresponding text box and click continue. At this point you can setup a personal password. Remember to store your password in a safe place as the patient portal contains your confidential health and demographic information. (If you forget your password later, call our office and we can send you an email to reset it.)

Now you're all set! You can start entering your demographic and health information as well as communicate with our clinical staff! Do us a favor and send us a message even if it's just to say "Hi!" to make sure your communicator is set up properly!

If you are interested in learning more about the patient portal or need help getting registered please stop by our office or let one of our staff members know at your next visit. We would be happy to help!

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